Case Management Enterprise Security

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Case Management Security - IP Restrictions

IP Restrictions

AgileCase supports IP restrictions, giving you access to top level security not normally offered in web based applications. With IP restrictions in place you can limit access to AgileCase to users within your office building, from a range of office buildings and no access from outside of these specific locations. The locking down of location access can give you full confidence that access to AgileCase is only happening from within your allowed resources. Learn More.

Case Management Security - Custom Domains

Custom Domains

We can implement domains like or, we can also restrict access to AgileCase from our standard login page if a Custom Domain is set up. Learn More.

Case Management Security - IP Restrictions and 2 Factor Authentication

IP Restrictions & 2FA

Need a certain user out in the field to access your IP restricted account?, no problem, in conjunction with our 2FA functionality we can allow specific users access but ONLY if they have 2FA enabled. Learn More.

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