Case Management Custom Fields And Configuration

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Make Case Management Work For You

Make AgileCase Work for You

Case Management Custom fields are at the heart of our case management software. AgileCase allows you to create the fields you need- allowing you to fit the software to the specifics of your organization. You can also govern the position of your custom fields within the tabbed display, so you can ensure that the most important information is at the top level. Learn More.

Case Management Custom Field Format

A Format for Every Field

With an expansive range of formats at your disposal, every field will be optimized for quick and easy data entry. Custom formatting allows you to define character limits, maximum values and date formats to ensure that all data entered in to the system is uniform. As well as single fields, you can create custom tables- allowing you to store more complex information in a more efficient manner. Learn More.

Case Management Multiple Case Types

Organize Multiple Case Types

AgileCase allows you to create multiple case types, each with their own set of custom fields. By utilizing different case types, you can have AgileCase cater to every aspect of your organization. Each case type can be allocated to a particular group of users so users will only have access to the relevant information- improving both your efficiency and security. Learn More.

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