Case Management Progress Tracking

So nothing gets the chance to "fall down the cracks".

Case Management Case Plan Functionality

Stay a step ahead with Case Plans

Case plans allow you to define a series of milestones for each case type in your system. These milestones are tracked throughout the lifecycle of a case, and AgileCase will flag up any that are upcoming and send a notification when one has been missed. Its all part of the Case Management Progress Tracking functionality built into AgileCase. Learn More.

Case Management Workflow Features

Allocate Tasks to improve your Workflow

AgileCase lets you allocate tasks to system users in order to effectively manage the workload of each case. Tasks can be added at any time and can be assigned to particular users for fine grain control over your organization. Learn More.

Case Management Calendar Features

Keep up to Date with Calendars

Calendars provide you with a timeline for your organization. AgileCase supports multiple calendars so you can allocate a personal calendar to each user, a master calendar providing an overview for your organization and as many sub-calendars as are necessary for your user groups. Learn More.

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