Case Management Reporting and Business Intelligence

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Case Management Build Tailored Reports

Build Reports Tailored to your Organization

Our drag and drop reporting toolkit lets you build your own reports so you can manage the information you need. The report builder works by letting you select what data from your system will appear as columns in your reports. Giving you the Case Management Reporting and Business Intelligence experience you need. Learn More.

Case Management Reports With Complex Conditions

Use Conditions to Build Powerful Reports

Adding conditions to reports allows you to identify specific information. Conditions let you choose values that the report should look for when running. This allows you to isolate particular pieces of information, giving you a fine grain ability to analyze your data. Learn More.

Case Management Reports - Organize, Sort, Count and Export

Organize Data with Sort, Count and Export

Sort and count functions allow you to better organize the data in your report. Sorting allows you to govern how the information gathered is ordered, making sure the highest priority results are at the top of your page. The count function adds a special column that counts the amount of duplicate instances of a row in your system, giving you a clear indication of how many times a specific piece of data has occured. Finally, export this data to Microsoft Excel for further tweaking. Learn More.

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