Case Management Scripting And Automation

The Power to Completely Customize AgileCase

Case Management Scripting And Automation

Case Scripting

Case Management Scripting And Automation puts an unprecendented amount of power in your hands. Using a Javascript like syntax you can customize the functionality of your cases to reflect the needs of your organization. For example, scripts can be used to change you user interface, insert graphs and barcharts, automate system functions or update values within the case. Learn More.

Case Management OnSave Scripts

OnSave Scripts

OnSave scripts execute when users save cases. They are used to automate functions depending on values held in the case. For example, you could send emails, add tasks or update fields. OnSave scripts can also be used for complex validation - if an invalid value is entered then you can use a script to prevent the case for refreshing and prompt the user to enter a valid value.

Case Management OnLoad Scripts

OnLoad Scripts

OnLoad scripts run when a case is loaded. These scripts can create alerts, such as displaying a message if the case has not been accessed in a certain time period OnLoad scripting can also be used to alter the UI. For example, you could create an icon to display case status, show or hide fields and create shortcuts to frequently used features. Learn More.

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