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Flexible Case Management Software

AgileCase organizes all of your information in to cases. We provide you with a robust toolset that allows you to efficiently manage each case throughout its lifecycle. Each case presents all of its information in an easy to use set of tabs, meaning that you are never more than a couple of clicks from what you need.

Custom Fields - Customize AgileCase to the specific needs of your business by creating your own unique field types. Learn More.

Progress Tracking - Make sure you never fall behind with dynamic calendars and tasking functionality. Learn More.

Case Audit Trail - Keep track of your user activities and ensure complete accountability across your system. Learn More.

Analyse your Organization with Powerful Reporting Tools

Managing any organization generates a vast amount of information. This information has to be analyzed in order to make informed decisions: Are cases being resolved within the timeframe? What percentage of your clients are satisfied?. Our reporting system allows you to answer these questions by allowing you to create your own custom reports.

Report Builder - Build complex custom reports to your exact specification with our reporting toolkit. Learn More.

Report Administration - Add, edit, deactivate and clone reports to make steamline your administration processes. Learn More.

Report Security - Dictate which users can see which reports to ensure that your client's information is secure. Learn More.

Scripting and Integrations

Fully customize your user experience by tapping into AgileCase's in-system scripting capabilities and integrate with any 3rd Party services you may need to exchange data and share functionality with. The possibilities are limitless

Case Scripting - OnLoad and OnSave macros allow you to execute scripts when cases are loaded or saved. Learn More.

Integrations - Allow AgileCase to talk with your other 3rd party or internal systems. Learn More.

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Our experts will listen to your needs and give you a tailored system demo.