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A Platform To Help Businesses Run Better Processes.

When did all start?

The founders of AgileCase launched their business career in the Legal Services Software Market in 2002. Building a successful Case Management System business specifically focusing on Cloud Case Management Systems, they founded and managed this business for 4 years. At its peak the team grew to 16 people and won several high profile legal technology based awards for their software systems along the way.

In late 2006 the team joined forces with their largest customer. Over the course of the next four years their software systems were rolled out to a large majority of UK banking institutions as a way to conduct and simplify interactions between law firms and their banking clients.

Alongside this, an estimated two thousand fee earners switched from their classic Case Management System to the teams cloud case management technology as their key way to manage their processes and improve their day-to-day workflow.

Why Case Management?

We have a passion for business process management technology, we’ve been building software solutions for many markets for over 10 years – we love the challenges and opportunities that each market brings. Our Cloud Case Management Expertise is unrivalled and we've built AgileCase.Com to help businesses like the ones we've encountered over the years.

AgileCase.Com - A Platform To Help Businesses Run Better Processes.

AgileCase Is Here

AgileCase.com was formed, a best of breed web based business process management product that promises to simplify case management and make businesses more efficient. With over 10 years experience and Cloud Case Management Expertise put into it AgileCase is a robust and scalable solution that has been built with real world experience.

With their skills and experience in Business Process Management Technology and Software Development, the team knows that AgileCase has the power to change many businesses for the better and help take their customers businesses to the next level of growth.


Our customers are passionate about their businesses and we're passionate about helping businesses with AgileCase - Case Management is our passion.

Bill, Founder
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