Case Management A Bridge To Profitability

It’s been a long journey to get here, but AgileCase is ready and we can’t wait to get you on-board with case management and help to make you more efficient and profitable in 2016.

We’re serving hundreds of customers in various markets and each customer loves what AgileCase has done for their business. We think we can help your business too.

At AgileCase, we believe businesses should have access to feature rich and affordable case management.  By bringing case management to your business, you open up opportunities to:

– Increase efficiency and save time, all your customer data in one place.

– Improve customer engagement, never miss a beat.

– Deal with more business without growing your team.

– Automate standard (and not so standard) processes.

– Document policies; bring new team members (if you need them) on-board more quickly.

– Report on your data and react to the results.

As one customer puts it “It’s liberation from overly expensive case management software.” – We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

We are firm believers that Case Management Is A Bridge To Profitability.

So get in touch today, we’d love to get you involved with our community of agile businesses as well as working towards getting you more efficient for 2016.

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Bringing Agile Case Management to G Cloud

AgileCase – Bringing Agile Case Management to G Cloud

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) selects AgileCase as a G-Cloud 8 supplier on the Digital Marketplace, opening up numerous public sector opportunities for its Cloud Case Management platform.

AgileCase, a global influencer in Case Management solutions, today announced that it is a G-Cloud 8 supplier for the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) as part of the latest iteration of the G-Cloud Framework. AgileCase is now able to offer its cutting edge, cloud-based, agile case management solution on G Cloud to UK public sector organisations.

Launched in 2012, the G-Cloud Framework is an agreement between the UK Government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. It is designed to drive down costs by allowing public sector bodies to purchase standardised services from approved suppliers, rather than having to sign up to a variety of contracts with differing terms and conditions.

Bill Lundie, Chief Technology Officer at AgileCase, said “Having worked closely with a number of public and private sector organisations, we are pleased to support the UK Government’s initiative to boost adoption of cloud computing through the G-Cloud Framework. We are honoured to offer our best of breed Cloud Case Management through G Cloud allowing UK public sector organisations to use the service and also to build a closer relationship with these types of business. We look forward to promoting G Cloud and becoming a valued member of this world-class ecosystem.”

For more information on the G-Cloud Framework and to access the Digital Marketplace, visit was formed in 2014, a best of breed web based business process management product that promises to simplify case management and make businesses more efficient. With over 25 years experience and Cloud Case Management Expertise put into it AgileCase is a robust and scalable solution that has been built with real world experience.

With their skills and experience in Business Process Management Technology and Software Development, the team knows that AgileCase has the power to change many businesses for the better and help take their customers businesses to the next level of growth.