Email UI overhaul and Selectable Row Email Templates

One of AgileCase’s core missions is to consistently bring more value to customers. That’s why we release new features on a regular basis to improve your overall experience and make things easier for you. Here’s what we’ve added this month:

Dashboard Configuration:

You can now select which sections to show on your dashboard, this gives you total control over your dashboard, as you can organize it to only show the parts that are relevant parts to your business and case flow.

Dashboard configuration settings can be accessed through the company settings header on your settings page, for more information on how to access and configure your dashboard, please see this article.

New Case Form Fields:

Case form fields can now be fully customized, as you can configure which fields appear on new case creation forms and only select the ones that are relevant to your case type.

This cuts down on the time it takes to create a case, since you’re not wasting time filling in fields that may not be necessary for your case. All fields are selected by default, but you can select and de-select as many fields as you like. For more information on how to customize your case form fields, please see this article.

Related Cases:

We now have a new tab against cases called “Related Cases”. Related Cases will list any cases that are related to the current case you’re viewing. Related cases are any cases for the same client, or for any contact linked to this open case through a contact relationship.

Related cases are bi-directional, so cases for either linked contacts will appear on the other person’s related cases tab, and vice versa.

You can change the number of related cases you’d like to list, by toggling the number choices on the top right corner of the related cases tab.

To cut down on the number of results you can also choose to display or hide the inactive cases related to this case, by clicking on the “Show Inactive” button.

Full information on how to use related cases, please see this article.

New Email Interface:

 We have also developed a new modern interface for email creation, with a full screen editor experience that you can use to customize your emails, edit templates, attach media and improve your overall email experience.

The new email interface provides all the editing options that you can find in any email client, and more. You can add tables, use emojis, and even format your code.
The new email interface will also give you the option to use any standard or document email templates, in an efficient, fast, and reliable way. You can also use complex templates to select specific rows within custom field tables.
You can find more information on how to use and create email templates here.

Selectable Row Email Template:

You can also use complex templates to select specific rows within custom field tables, this template will allow you to pull data from individual rows of a custom field table, and use a single template to create documents for each row in a that custom table, rather than having to use a separate template for each row.

You can find more information on how to use and create complex email templates here.