Getting Started : Get familiar with Cloud Case Management Software

Classic case management (and many cloud case management software) systems all have one problem in common. They’re too complicated to use, maintain and change when you need it.

AgileCase turns this notion on its head, AgileCase makes it easy to use, maintain and update your case management system easily and without issues. This is the beauty of cloud case management software over classic software applications.

In this series of blog posts we’ll be taking a fresh AgileCase demo account and turning it into a fully functional example of a case management workflow.

The example we’ll be using along this group of posts will be the workflow to create a basic Tenancy Agreement. An agreement that landlords create for tenants when they rent out their properties to them.

Things you’ll learn about Cloud Case Management Software along the way

As we progress through the posts we’ll do a number of things.

  • Open an empty AgileCase account and remove demo data.
  • Create a new Practice Area & Case Type – A “Property” Practice Area and “Tenancy Agreement” case type.
  • Configure relationship types to attach to this case type – Landlord, Tenants, etc
  • Create Custom fields to store information relation to the Tenancy Agreement Case Type – Property details, landlord details, term, rent etc
  • An email template that will pre-populate from the custom fields and relationships that you’ll have created.
  • Use our Email to Case functionality to store email conversations with tenants as well as import any attachments to individual cases (signed tenancy agreements, pictures of inventory etc)
  • Some more advanced features which can save you time and effort.

Each individual post will be simple and self-enclosed, when combined you’ll start to see the power that adding even a small amount of automation to your internal workflows can greatly increase efficiency, throughput and accuracy of your work.

Using Case management and some basic automation concepts can radically transform your business as well as how you approach many every-day tasks – we look forward to inspiring you with lots of ideas that you can easily apply to your own business.

You’ll be singing the praises of cloud case management software in no time!