Goodbye Office, Hello Remote Working

So… it’s official, we’ve done it, it’s final. We’re choosing Remote Working over our physical office (p.s. we’re hiring)

This is the first post in a series of posts explaining how we at AgileCase run our business 100% using online, remote methods and tools.

The Scottish Weather And Our First Office

“But why!?” I hear you ask, was it the constant soaking from the famous Scottish weather each daily commute?, was it because you’d put on 2 stone due to special business lunch offers (we’re looking at you Topolabamba!) or was it down to the increasing costs of both office spaces and train fares?

Well truthfully these things did have something to do with it (John’s looking way rounder than he used to, he’d taken to leaving a change of clothes in the office for the particularly wet days and yes, office space and train fares aren’t getting any cheaperĀ (unless you compare it to the real terms value of average train fare costs since 1999-2000 :-/ ), but I digress…

We started our first business in 2002, if you wanted to start a business you had to have an office. Those were the rules and we played by them. We won a local business incubator competition and got given 1 year’s worth of free office space – result!

We felt like kings – we bought a network router, bit CRT monitors, wiring (in the days before real wireless networking) and pot plants – we even bought an office fridge.

Office Fridge Politics No Longer - Remote Working Solves All Ills
We’ve all been there.

We pioneered Remote Working in 2003

We built our business and filled it with staff from across the central belt of Scotland, our colleagues travelled daily from Stirling and Edinburgh (as well as other local areas). We sat together, we built ideas, we had meetings and it worked well, we were happy and our customers loved our software.

Except for Gary. Gary didn’t drive, he woke up at 5:30 am each day and made the commute to our office in the outskirts of Glasgow. He was a really great guy, we loved his work and his terribly bad jokes, but after a winter of arriving at our office looking like he’d done the ice bucket challenge, we knew something had to change.

So we started playing with the idea of working from home one day a week, we went with it, it worked and the rest is history (or so they say!)

So, we pioneered remote working in 2003, but we just called it “Working from home a day a week”

Cut to today…

Our awesome colleagues are based in various countries and time-zones, but with only a handful close to our office.

We’ve built our business around finding, attracting and hiring the best talent – regardless of their geographical location.

We use the best tools possible to enable the best possible work and we’ve found it works really well. We’re even using AgileCase to manage our internal company processes.

Its impact on team morale and happiness just through the added flexibility that Remote Working brings is immeasurable, its safe to say everyone loves it (although we do miss some things).

So, this left us with an office that was mostly empty except for occasions when we’re got together to discuss AgileCase Version 2 and new features (Stay tuned for our AgileCase Version 2 unveiling coming soon!)

So, we’re letting go of our 2003’esque “Must have an office to have a business” mindset and cutting the cord. We’re a Remote Working company first and we’re keeping our office for occasional meetings or when our team get some cabin fever from too much home working.

Got any questions about how to make the transition to Remote Working and how tools like AgileCase can help? – just get in touch.