Cloud Case Management Security

We treat your data like it were our own.

Cloud Case Management Security Considerations

AgileCase Security

We know that Cloud Case Management Security is a major concern to our customers so we aim to make your peace of mind one of our top priorities. Our hosting partner, Amazon, goes to great lengths to keep its customers safe from both attacks and faults. Our servers are located in Amazon's highly secure data centres which has various fault tolerant locations worldwide. On top of this :

- Everything is kept behind a secure threat filtering firewall with multiple layers of protection

- We use 256-bit SSL encrypted channels for general system access as well as uploading and downloading data

- User accounts are 100% encrypted, ensuring they are not accessible by other users

- Even our support staff do not have access to your private data

- Passwords are not stored on our system - they can only be recovered using our "Forgotten Password?" functionality

- Documents you upload to AgileCase are given a tokenized name lending a layer of obfuscation to potentially sensitive data

- Full backups of all system data that will be automatically restored on identical hardware within minutes in the event of a fault.

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