Meet Our Team

Introducing our team members.


Founder / Lead Developer

Bill makes sure we're at the cutting edge, if he doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing.


Onboarder / Lead Support

Brian can get your data onto AgileCase superfast, a data manipulation whizz and knows every AgileCase function like the back of his hand.



Gail keeps us all organized, she's helps keep everything on the right track and running smoothly.


Founder / Project Manager

John helps keep everything on track, he knows AgileCase inside out, aligning out devlopment plan with our customers' needs.


Junior Developer

Julie helps keep all our core systems up-to-date, building new features that delight our customers with each new release.


Testing Lead

We pride ourselves on the stabilty and flexibility of AgileCase, Mags makes sure no stone is left un-turned when it comes to testing.


Graphic Designer

Arnold gives us our visual identity, he's always amazing us with his graphical skills.

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