Our Values

Our values guide how we build the best company and products that we can.

Build Great Products

We always challenge ourselves to build the best possible products, say "Yes" when others say "No", challenge the status-quo and create things others think aren't possible.

We're a team of do-ers and want to build the best products, bar none.

Provide Excellent Support

Your business is important to you - we understand this. When you use AgileCase to help run your business we take a direct interest in your business, if there are any issues we want to get things up, running and back in shape as quickly as possible with no excuses.

We aim to provide the best, most responsive support that we can.

Forge Great Relationships

By building great software and ensuring our support is second to none, we aim to build strong and long lasting relationships with our customers.

If you need something we'll do our best to provide it, you can rely on us to have your best interests at heart and above all, we'll always be honest and direct with you.


We respect our customers, our partners and our team members. We want everyone to feel empowered with the ability to question everything, provide feedback that is listened to and do our best to make sure that AgileCase is a democracy that everyone has a vested interest in.


Our team bring the best of what they can do to our team every day. We encourage full creativity, we want to push the boundaries of what can be done, we want to question what has been done before and do better. We want to produce the best - always.


As a team we endeavor to be as lean as we possibly can be, we believe that tight-knit teams produce the best results, we look for efficiencies where others may not. We run a paperless office, choose virtual meetings over travel and promote remote working practices throughout the company. This helps keep our prices low and ensure we are doing out best for the environment.


We've been building Case Management Software for over a decade. We've invested many years in building AgileCase. We stay late and sometimes work weekends when we need to deliver something for a customer. In short, we're very committed, we have a passion for making your business more efficient, we have a passion for Case Management - we're in this for the long term.


We publish a public product roadmap. we'll talk to our customers about our plans. If you've spotted an issue, we'll thank you - not hide it. When we bring new team members on board, we introduce them to you. We blog about our business experiences and publish our phone number! By promoting an ethos of openness our customers, partners and team members know we're fully behind our company mission.


We do what we do with personality, we're always professional but we believe the best relationships are built when everyone can be themselves. As such, when you work with AgileCase you're working with the real us!

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