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Capture data, process your work, measure your results and inform your customers.


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The Grants Management software platform that does it all.

AgileCase's powerful yet easy-to-use Case Management platform was built, from the ground up, with Grants Cases Management in mind.

Use AgileCase to:

Capture & Process - Capture information inside AgileCase and then process your work using the AgileCase platform.

Measure & Inform - Measure using our advanced reporting technology and inform your customers using letters, emails, SMS's, the AgileCase portal or 3rd party Integration.

Capture Your Information

Customize your application to fit the style you want.

Build simple to complex forms and get your data into AgileCase.

Send your data into AgileCase and automatically open cases from any data source using AgileCase.

      AgileCase Forms & Custom Fields
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields
      AgileCase Progress Your Cases
AgileCase Processing A Case

Process It

Do your work, progress your cases.

Design your application lifecycle and streamline your process using AgileCase.

Assign tasks, use emails, letters, SMS, and reminders to track and manage your applications with ease.

Personalize Your Experience

AgileCase is designed to be configured by you.

Use our default Grants Management system, or easily build your own to fit your application lifecycle.

      AgileCase Application Lifecycle & Custom Fields
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields
      Review Grant History
AgileCase Processing A Case

Review Grants History

Review your applicants grants history

Make informed decisions based on your applicants financial history

Track, measure and report applications cases against your previous records.

Agile Scripting

Reduce error and increase efficiency with AgileCase Scripting.

Automate your application lifecycle with AgileCase's flexible, highly scalable scripts, so you can spend less time doing repetitive tasks, and focus on increasing profitability.

Use Agile Scripts to send templated email or SMS notifications, populate values in your case, add tasks or integrate with 3rd parties - all without human intervention.

      AgileCase Users & Permissions
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields

Manage Your Access

Allocate applications, assign roles, and grant access permissions with a few simple clicks.

Allow for back and forth communication, multiple reviews and authorisation loops to fit with, and improve your existing Grants lifecycle.


Agile Integration

Easily integrate your tools and processes.

Use AgileCase to integrate with your existing tools and processes, connect all your platforms seamlessly, export your data with a simple click.

Measure Progress

See your whole company case load, in real-time at any time.

Use our intuitive Grants Management reporting module to create bespoke reports and audits to collect, sort and organize data.

View results, share with your board, print or export to Excel.

      AgileCase Reports
AgileCase Running A Report
AgileCase Sending A Template SMS

Inform Customers & Partners

Use AgileCase's built-in CRM.

Use reports, emails, letters, SMS's, the AgileCase Portal and integration to inform your applicants, reviewers, grantees, donors, volunteers and all your partners.

Give real-time feedback, reduce back and forth phone calls asking for updates on a grant progress and increase customer satisfaction.

What our users are saying about AgileCase

"Our storage costs are down dramatically"

"Using AgileCase's Docs and Comms feature means we don't need to store boxes of archive documents for each case, its revolutionized how we do things." learn more

"The whole team has access to the case history"

"We've cut down on internal friction. All team members can get instant access to the whole case history immediately." learn more

"The fields on AgileCase match our process"

"We've been able to design our forms to match our process, AgileCase's Custom Fields mean that we don't have to 'hack' fields for the wrong type of data" learn more

Used By These Awesome Companies

Our customers include foundations, not for profits, charities, law firms, banks and many more.

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