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Work as usual, from any location, on any device.


Our experts will listen to your needs and give you a tailored AgileCase demo.

Identical Functionality - AgileCase delivers the same user experience regardless of the location your users are working from.

Secure and scalable - 256-bit SLL encryption, firewalled with secure threat filtering. Strong passwords, IP black and whitelisting as well as 2FA (Two Factor Authetication).

Secure, Reliable And Scalable

Keep your business secure while allowing your users to do their work.

Remote working, as secure as working from the office.

2FA, Custom Domains and IP Restrictions

      AgileCase Forms & Custom Fields
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields
      AgileCase Progress Your Cases
AgileCase Processing A Case

Work As Usual

Do your work, progress your cases.

Update data, create letters, emails and SMS's - Keep your customers fully informed.

No limitations just because you aren't based in an office.

Client Portal

Allow your customers to communicate with you without visiting your office.

A rich portal experience that allows you to share and gather information from clients without having to meet in person.

      AgileCase Client Portal
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields
      Office Online Integration
Office Online Integration

Microsoft Office Online Integration

Open, Edit and Save Documents using a familiar Microsoft Office interface.

Your home users don't need Microsoft Office installed on their machines, so long as you have an Office 365 subscription you can work with documents through AgileCase.

This means that documents are not s

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Our experts will listen to your needs and give you a tailored system demo.