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AgileCase's powerful yet easy-to-use Case Management platform was built, from the ground up, with Legal Services Case Management in mind.

Use AgileCase to:

Capture & Process - Capture information inside AgileCase and then process your work using the AgileCase platform.

Measure & Inform - Measure using our advanced reporting technology and inform your customers using emails, SMS's, the AgileCase portal or 3rd party Integrations.

Capture Your Information

Use AgileCase's custom fields to build simple, or complex, multi-step interfaces that capture the data that matters to your business.

Capture projects and initiatives and effectively identify risks and dependencies.

Import data from multiple sources and operational systems directly into your cases using AgileCase.

      AgileCase Forms & Custom Fields
AgileCase Forms and Custom Fields
      AgileCase Progress Your Cases
AgileCase Processing A Case

Process It

Design your digital workflow with AgileCase.

Progress your cases from one business silo to the next, and maintain context of each step throughout the entire work lifecycle.

Create different routes to creating competitive advantage and achieving your business goals.

Agile Scripting

Automate your process with AgileCase scripting.

Write simple or super complex workflows to automate tasks in your process, use rules and AI to make smart decisions and deliver a seamless experiences.

Agile Scripts can send templated email or SMS notifications, populate values in your case, add tasks or integrate with 3rd parties - all without human intervention.


Agile Integration

Use AgileCase to integrate with external tools and services.

Improve your integrate complex back-office business operations by integrating all your tools and platforms in one single location.

      AgileCase Reports
AgileCase Running A Report

Measure Progress

Build KPI performance report, business review reports, and any other reports with AgileCase powerful reporting module.

Measure results and take actions and initiatives to drive performance.

Inform Customers & Partners

Use AgileCase emails, SMS's, reports, Portal and integrations to inform your customers and partners.

Stay in touch with clients, reduce phone calls asking for updates on case progress and increase customer satisfaction.

AgileCase Sending A Template SMS

What our users are saying about AgileCase

"Our storage costs are down dramatically"

"Using AgileCase's Docs and Comms feature means we don't need to store boxes of archive documents for each case, its revolutionized how we do things." learn more

"The whole team has access to the case history"

"We've cut down on internal friction. All team members can get instant access to the whole case history immediately." learn more

"The fields on AgileCase match our process"

"We've been able to design our forms to match our process, AgileCase's Custom Fields mean that we don't have to 'hack' fields for the wrong type of data" learn more

Used By These Awesome Companies

Our customers include foundations, not for profits, charities, law firms, banks and many more.

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