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One Click Emails From AgileCase

Send Customised Emails In Seconds, Email Automation Software For Humans!

AgileCase Email Creation

Send Emails

Use templates or write custom emails

Create a template - Create rich email templates in a centralized storage location. Allow all your users to create the same message and be on the same page.  Learn More.

Create your emails - Populate your templates with data from your cases. One click, no tweaking required.  Learn More.

Or write your emails by hand - Alternatively, hand write, craft and deliver your message with personality. AgileCase has a rich emailing experience that integrates with all email providers. 

SMS Automation Software

Give Time Sensitive Updates Automatically

AgileCase SMS Creation

Send SMS's

SMS's for quick status updates

Create a template - Create SMS templates using the same templating syntax as documents and emails - keep the same message across mediums.  Learn More.

Create your SMS's - Create, send and store your SMS's centrally within your cases..  Learn More.

Or write your SMS by hand - Send a quick update to your clients in seconds, faster than using a phone!   Learn More.

Send Data To Other Systems

Integrations to interact with other systems

Use AgileCase Scripts - Using AgileCase scripts, create emails, share-links and much more - make your system come alive.  Learn More.

Data In - The AgileCase API offers a simple, secure and robust option to get information into AgileCase from any other platform.  Learn More.

Data Out - Send information to other 3rd party systems, in real-time, from singular cases or a batch. Infinitely flexible and powerful.  Learn More.

Case Management API and Integrations

Connect And Share Data With Your Other Systems


What our users are saying about AgileCase Inform

"Hours Of Time?, More Like Weeks!"

"These templates are saving our team weeks of time, NO more document writing, it's a dream." learn more

"Our Team Always Use The Latest Template"

"Our team used to have their own, customised versions of our templates on their desktops (argh!), using AgileCase means that all the team have access to the latest and greatest templates. Keeps us honest!"" learn more

"New Templates In Minutes"

"It takes me about 10-15 minutes to create a new template. This in turn saves each case worker 7 minutes each time they create the letter. The savings are exponential." learn more

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