Case Management Integrations

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Integrate AgileCase with 3rd Party Software

Using 3rd party software allows you to get even more out of AgileCase. Case Management Integrations allow you to use 3rd party functionality from within AgileCase - allowing you to run your entire organization from a single system. Learn More.

Increased Security and Peace of Mind with Veriphy

Veriphy allows you to perform credit checks, ID checks and document verification. Integrated with AgileCase it allows you to authenticate your clients and ensure that everything is in order before you proceed processing their case. Learn More.

3rd Party Email Services

AgileCase supports a variety of email services: Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and MailChimp (coming soon) can all be integrated with your system. Email intregration allows you to automate system emails and link your personal account with your AgileCase system. AgileCase also supports POP3 and SMTP protocols. Learn More.

Case Management Accounting Software Integration

Cloud Accountancy Software Integrations

Compatibility with Xero and QuickBooks Online (coming soon) let you manage your case management billing with specialist accounting software. These platforms allow you to create invoices, pay bills and track your finances. When intergrated with AgileCase, they provide you with extra financial security and accountability. Learn More.

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