Case Management Pricing - Flexible Plans

Scale up or down with our simple pricing plans

Users: 1-25
Annual Invoicing: Yes
Reports: 10
Document Templates: 10
Email Templates: 10
SMS Templates: 10
2 Factor Authentication: NA
Email 2 Case: Yes / 1,000 Incoming emails per month
On-Boarding: Self-Service On-Boarding
API Access: Yes / 1,000 calls per month
AgileScripts: 5
Business Areas: 1
Case Types: 5
Custom Fields: Up to 100
Email Batches: 5
Email Batch Scheduling: 5
Client Connect: Yes
Additional Hosting Options: No


Per User Per Month
Free 14 Day Trial
Users: 101 - Upwards*
Annual Invoicing: Yes
Reports: No Limit
Document Templates: No Limit
Email Templates: No Limit
SMS Templates: No Limit
2 Factor Authentication: Yes
IP Restrictions And Custom Domains: Yes
Email 2 Case: Yes / 100,000 Incoming emails per month
On-Boarding: Yes
API Access: Yes / 250,000 calls per month
AgileScripts: No Limit
Business Areas: No Limit
Case Types: No Limit
Custom Fields: No Limit
Email Batches: No Limit
Email Batch Scheduling: No Limit
Client Connect: Yes
Additional Hosting Options: Yes


Per User Per Month
Free 14 Day Trial

Free 14 Day Trial

We offer a fully functional 30 day trial of our software, we’ll begin to charge you after this period unless you close your account.

* All plans above can be customised to your needs, if you require something outside of our standard plans please get in touch with an account manager and we’ll be happy to help.

Responsive Support

Support available when you need it, 12 hour turnaround on all support responses.

Enhanced Support packages also available

** For plans over 250 users please contact us for pricing and volume discounts.


Comprehensive system documentation and easy to use user interface.

Custom Training packages also available

*** All prices above exclude local sales tax and VAT.

Data Storage and Backup

Our fully redundant servers have fully backed up clones and all data is securely backed up in two separate locations – we’re confident your data is safe and sound.

Bank Level Security

256-bit SSL encryption alongside enterprise-class data security coupled with ISO level standards. Full server redundancy ensures the safety of all your client data.

True Mobile Access

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Mac OS, ChromeBooks – Access on browser, on any network on any device. Literally, everything everywhere.

How Do I Import My Data

Import your data using our Excel Spreadsheet template importer. For larger projects that need ongoing support we’ll be happy to offer one of our low cost support packages to help you out more – contact us for more details.

How Fast Can I Get Access To AgileCase

Register by completing the required information on our sign-up page and you’ll be sent an email giving you full and direct access to your AgileCase account within minutes.

Can I Export My Data If I Leave AgileCase

Absolutely, it’s your data – just contact us if you decide to stop using AgileCase and we’ll happily prepare a data export for you within a day or two.

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