Free AgileCase OnBoarding

We'll help you get your data and configuration onto AgileCase

You've Decided

You've decided to join the AgileCase family, but you're concerned about the work involved in migrating your data and configuration.

We totally understand, that's why we've introduced our free onboarding service - here's how we can help.

How do we do it?

Fill out the Migration Form below and we'll schedule an Onboarding Call to go over all the details of everything we'll be importing into AgileCase.

During this call we'll go over our migration process, next steps, answer any final questions, and set expectations of completion.

Switching systems can be painful, but working closely with our team makes it much easier. You'll still need to be involved to provide explanations and review our work, but it's far easier than doing everything yourself.

So, how long will it take?

Migrations are a time consuming task. At any one point, there are several migrations in our queue, our onboarding team is always kept busy!

During the migration call we'll discuss your individual needs and timescales to make sure everything works right for you.

How do I qualify?

Consultants typically quote over 4 or 5 figure sums for this type of service, but we've taken the decision to offer it at no extra charge.

Our only conditions are that you a) are spending at least $449 USD / £399 GBP / €430 EUROS a month with AgileCase b) you commit to using AgileCase for at least 12 months c) Have reasonable expectations on the size and complexity of your migration.

IMPORTANT NOTE - 18th March 2020. The Coronavirus epidemic has caused significant disruption to the world economy. To try and help any companies that are struggling to cope, we are removing the minimum numbers from our onboarding offer and will endeavor to help any customer as best as we can

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