Measure - Keep Everything On Track

Your work is in progress, now it's time to track what's happening.

Easily create, run and export reports. Schedule automatically, measure and track.

See your case load as a whole, inform your customers regularly of progress.

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Case Management Reporting

Know your case load back-to-front

AgileCase Create Reports

Build Custom Reports

Create reports, query any data within AgileCase.

Create - Get a clear, detailed insight into your data through AgileCase reports. Create simple or complex reports with a few clicks, and get the information you need in seconds. Learn More.

Add Criteria - Run your reports in real-time with conditions that you can supply.  Learn More.

Apply Security - Apply security to your reports, make sure your sensitive information is kept sensitive.  Learn More.

Run Reports

Run reports, analyse, share and export results.

Run - Run reports with one click. Supply conditions and get results back, accurate and in real-time.  Learn More.

Export - Export report results in Excel, CSV, Word or PDF. Share with your users or clients.   Learn More.

Print - We love trees, we do!, but sometimes you just need to see your results on paper. AgileCase allows you to print your reports for offline review.  Learn More.

Run Reports

Case Management Big Data!

AgileCase Run Reports

Milestones And Case Planning

Is your case on or off track?

AgileCase Milestone Tracking

Case Milestones

See status of each case and ensure it's on track

From Start to Finish - Create sets of milestones that map to your process, link preceding actions and base everything off of the case open date. Super flexible.  Learn More.

Proactive Updates - As milestones approach, get email reminders and also be alerted on your AgileCase dashboard.  Learn More.

Review and Report - Build reports based on your Milestone data, find out where your process can be improved.  Learn More.

Automate and Batch

Use reports to send batch emails to customers.

Set a schedule - Choose a report, choose a schedule, your report will be run automatically.  Learn More.

Send to a group of contacts - Send report results to an email group, get your results when you want them.  Learn More.

Batch email to customers - Create documents that automatically get populated with information from your cases.  Learn More.

Automate and Batch

Use reports to send batch emails to customers.


What our users are saying about AgileCase Measure

"Our reports guide our whole business"

"These are real reports, not simple filters. We've built a bank of reports that we use to guide our processes, case management KPI's and keep us profitable." learn more

"Automatic Updates With No Effort"

"We can update our clients several times a week, automatically when the status changes - my team can get on with doing their work, it's a step change for our organization." learn more

"Milestones highlight our performance"

"We can look at individual cases and see whether we're meeting our KPI's, we use this information to identify issues in our process. It helps us to constantly change." learn more

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