Who needs case management software?

Business is booming but everyone's too busy, you can't get a grip on all your work.

Sound familiar?

Create Workflows

Create data fields to store data from customers, split the unique states of what you do for your customers into manageable chunks. No more "We don't store that information about the customer."

Manage Your Processes

Show your team members how to progress cases, detail the steps needed to complete each chunk of your process, let AgileCase take care of the rest

Report On Your Data

Write reports that show where each case is currently sitting within your process, proactively measure your business in real-time, deal with issues as they occur, streamline and simplify your management information.

Define your Case Types

Not every person or every department does the same work, easily segment each team and worktype.

Store Customer Data

Configure AgileCase to store all the data you need to capture to effectively process your Case Types.

Create Reports

Monitor every piece of data, proactively deal with small issues that could become larger if ignored.

Create Milestones

Break your process down into managable chunks, capture completion or exceptions; monitor case progress at all key stages.

Automate Document, Email and SMS

Create templates for commonly sent documents, emails and SMS messages, turn standard messages into 1 click actions.

Set Schedules

Combine reports that identify case milestones with any template type and you can schedule key messages to be sent without any intervention.

Capture The Data You Need

With over 20 custom field types and the ability to capture tabular data (like Excel) you can design, store and audit as much information as you need

Build Case Scripts

Create custom case scripts that run against case data when loaded or saved, alert individuals or create key case objects in real-time, further automating your workflow.

Automate Key Processes

Using Custom Fields, Reports, Templates, Case Scripts and Scheduling you can build an automated powerhouse that will give your business a genuine advantage.

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