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Store Documents (emails, SMS, images, everything) Against Cases

AgileCase's Cloud Document Management Software allows you to store documents against the case they are relevant to, giving users instant access to them from the case page. Clients can also view documents stored against the case using the AgileCase client portal. Learn More.

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Store Documents Against Contacts

Personal documentation such as drivers licenses or medical certificates can be stored against your contact's records rather than the case they are involved with. Using our client portal, contacts can access their documents on AgileCase at any time.Learn More.

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Unlimited Documents

There are no limits on the number of documents you can upload meaning that you do not have to make any compromises with your files when you use AgileCase. Learn More.

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Document Versioning

AgileCase keeps a full history of edits and changes performed against documents. Our cloud document management capabilities allow every version of a document to be stored and captured. This adds to our audit capabilities and allows you to recover previous versions of documents if they are ever needed. Learn More.

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