Case Management Full Audit Trail

Full Customer History, From Start To Finish

Merging Case Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management and Document Management all in one central and easy to use system.

Your electronic filing cabinet in the cloud. Learn More.

Powerful and super simple to use

Configuration and training is a cinch, get your team onto an intuitive platform built to empower your team.

Get your team onto a simple but powerful system today. Learn More.

Case Management Simple To Use

Case Management Collaborative Working

Collaborative Task and Calendar management

A fully transparent and integrated calendar system that syncs with Tasks and related cases. No need to reference with customer notes, risk missing important task, information or actions.

Tasks and Calendar, reliably synced with cases and co-workers. Learn More.

Customer Collaboration Via Agile Connect

Customer case access via a secure portal. Customers can upload documents and review realtime progress on their case.

Cut down on case progress calls from customers. Learn More.

Case Management Client Portal

Case Management Automation Features

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Turn your business into a productivity powerhouse. Replace complex, time consuming content writing tasks into repeatable and error free processes.

Transform hours of document writing into one click actions. Learn More.

Find Data Quickly

Advanced searching capabilities mean users can find data in seconds, no more "I'm just waiting for the system to respond" while giving your customers updates

Everything, accessible quickly and securely. Learn More.

Case Management Complex Searching

Case Management Extendable Features

Extendable: for your business today and tomorrow

AgileCase grows with your needs. Add, edit and delete, no restrictions - upgraded monthly with new features to help keep your business at the cutting edge.

Copes with any business type, even yours. Learn More.

Full Audit Trail

Your repulation is based on trust, on knowing who done what when things aren't right.

A full audit trail, to help you spot anomolies or where you need to train your team better. Learn More.

Case Management Audit Trail

Case Management Do It Yourself

Do it Yourself

Every element of AgileCase is customizable, allowing you to create, experiment and change in real-time. Nip, tuck and tweak till its just right for your needs.

No expensive consultants, just friendly support and a system that helps your business. Learn More.

Cloud Hosted and Secure

AgileCase is hosted with a Tier 1 cloud hosting provider, backed up in realtime across several locations, enterprise grade encryption and stringent access controls.

Available 24/7/365. You're in safe hands. Learn More.

Case Management Cloud Security

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